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My Name Patrick Flament
I’m Travel Photographer

Passionate about visual art, I’ve always sought to share with others the beauty of the world around us, conveying the emotions, stories and unique experiences that make life so precious. My other great passion is “travelling”, so it was only natural that I decided to combine the two by travelling to far-flung destinations with camera in hand, with the aim of sharing with others those special moments captured through my lens. By concentrating on the beauty and joy of life, I sometimes give priority to emotion rather than technical aspects.


Born in Casablanca, my passion for photography arose even before owning a camera. After completing my studies at the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, I ventured into Graphic Arts and Advertising. I did an internship at the Havas agency in Paris as a photography assistant, then worked for ten years in several Parisian agencies, where I learned all the intricacies of the profession as a graphic designer and photographer.

My other great passion is “travel”, so it was only natural for me to combine the two by traveling to far-flung destinations with a camera in hand, aiming to share those special moments captured through my lens with others. Focusing on beauty and the joy of life, I sometimes prioritize emotion over technical aspects. This is in contrast to studio pack shots and fashion photography that I’ve also delved into throughout my career.

After spending a decade in agencies in Paris, I returned to Morocco as an Art Director at Havas Int. and later as the Creative Director of my own agency.

In this context I had the opportunity to work with the biggest advertisers in the country, including Banks, Automobile companies, Pharmaceutical labs, Oil companies, and Soft drink manufacturers. I worked on producing advertising films, product pack shots, and photo reports covering various fields such as fashion, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, cosmetics, and automotive.

I also collaborated with various ministries. For the Ministry of Tourism, I created image walls using my photos for the Moroccan Pavilion at the International Fairs of Seville (1992) and Lisbon (1998). For the Ministry of Transport, I conducted photo reports on the construction progress of highways and bridges in Morocco, as well as providing images for the International Road Congress (1991) at the Palais des Congrès in Marrakech. For the Ministry of the Interior, I undertook aerial photo reports from Tangier to Saidia and designed a brochure on the Mediterranean Ring Road as part of the promotion of the Northern Provinces.

Simultaneously, I conducted numerous reports in the Atlas Mountains to illustrate and design the project “The Songs of Tassaout,” a collection of Berber poems. On this occasion, a reading accompanied by a slideshow of my photos took place at FNAC Montparnasse in Paris, with the presence of Mr. Léopold Sédar Senghor, who also honored us by writing the foreword for this book.

It was the first in Morocco in 1985 to use a computer in a professional setting. Photoshop is a crucial tool for a photographer, allowing optimization of image quality through photo editing. My layout skills have also enabled me to produce numerous travel books or event books for those who entrusted me with their photos for this purpose.

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